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When Christine James created her Fast N’ Furious Ultimate Sandbag Workouts we knew that these would be both a great way to test your fitness levels and get a powerful Ultimate Sandbag training session in minimal time! If you have seen the first version of the Fast N’ Furious Ultimate Sandbag Training program. The idea was to lay the foundation of good movement patterns while laying the foundation for more challenging Ultimate Sandbag workouts.
Advancing Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

However, there are many ways to progress or advance these Ultimate Sandbag workouts. One is to take the original Fast N’ Furious 100 workout and use more weight and use a ladder system for the movements. Instead of doing a straight through 25 repetition set for the specific drills we can develop a series using 1/3/5/7/9 repetition schemes. Meaning perform one deadlift, one high pull, one zercher clean, one zercher squat immediately following by 3 of the same series. You would work through the entire series then rest. You can use this as a test of your fitness as it allows you to use more weight that going through the 25 repetitions straight. Neither is right or wrong rather than what you wish to train specifically. However, try these version as it is a great way to get a lot of high quality of work in a short amount of time.
The Next Level of Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

In our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training™ system we are not just weight focused. The beauty of Ultimate Sandbag workouts is the fact you can change many different variables to challenge your body and get more fit more productively than just adding weight! One of those methods is by changing the level of stability of the exercises. We have found that decreasing stability can create a very similar metabolic effect to that of high repetition training. So you can actually perform less repetitions during your Ultimate Sandbag workouts and still get amazing results. The best part is that you also build the stabilizers of the body and the often neglected smaller muscles. This means you can actually build more resilient knees, shoulders, and low back through this simple yet amazingly powerful training technique. Try Christine’s intermediate Fast N’ Furious Ultimate Sandbag Training 100 Workout and see the difference in changing the stability in your own Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

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